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Sunday, June 08, 2008

Squeeze Mass Effect Through Your Blocked Ports

On Friday, Mass Effect was released for PC. This weekend, I've wailed at my monitor in anger, grief, and because I heard the sound of wailsong could have a calming effect. The source of my angst, besides the fact that there's never anything to eat in this house, was this response from EA regarding my activation woes - devoid of empathy or comprehension:

I wonder how Glenn supposed I was talking to him without an internet connection.

Refusing to accept defeatist Glenn's assessment of the situation, I had a poke around on the ever-wonderful internet and found a solution, which I'll now share with you.

A disclaimer: This solution will only work with legitimate copies of Mass Effect, so it's only a useful technique if you're having trouble activating the game because of overzealous port blocking at your university or army base.

We're going to create a proxy, which will bounce your vital bits all over the place - at some point they'll probably enter Sweden - eventually they'll end up activated and wiser for the experience, over at Mass Effect HQ. First thing's first - you'll need to go here and also here, so that you can download the latest versions of Your Freedom and Freecap. You might need to register Your Freedom, but it's free and easy. Next, configure your proxy settings - use port 8080 and ask your friend who knows the correct spelling of orc what you should put in the 'proxy address' box (sorry, I can't help you, it's unique to your location). For server connection options, have a gander at this:

For Freecap, use port 1080 and the default proxy which, for me, is set to, and then click File> New Application and find Mass Effect.exe in your 'binaries' folder in the game's installation directory - once this is added, right click the icon, click 'Run'. Well done! You have now earned the right to play the game you bought!

It's good to be back, Colin!


Me said...


Anonymous said...

Hi, I've tried out this method, and everything works except when I try to run the application in Freecap. It keeps giving me the error:
"A required security module cannot be activated. This program cannot be executed (6000)."

Apparently this error relates to having emulation soft your computer such as Virtual Daemon Tools. The thing is, I have NO emulation software on my computer, I uninstalled it all specifically for this. And I'm only getting this error when trying to run the game in Freecap, if I try to run the game normally, I don't get the error, only the online verification thing. (Which I suppose is to be expected.)

Can anyone help me with this?

P.S. I'm using Windows XP if that is of any help at all.

Anonymous said...

Me again.

Just as an extra quick note, I've already tried every fix suggested on the Bioware forums for the game if it was running normally - i.e. without and proxy server blocking it - and nothing worked, so I can only guess that it is down to the Freecap program or that I've missed something, but I really don't think I have.

DuBBle said...

I think that Mass Effect uses SecuROM copy protection, so you could try using YASU, found at the following address:

YASU bypasses the emulation check, so you should be able to play your legitimate game by using it, unless the Bioware community already came up with that idea?

Get back to me about this please, I'd like us to resolve it together!

Anonymous said...

That wasn't an idea that the Bioware comunnity came up with, but unfortunately YASU hasn't had any effect.

I'm only getting this error when running the program in Freecap.
If I run the game normally - i.e. without Freecap - I don't get the Security Module error, just the thing about having no internet verification for the authentication to work. In Freecap I get the Security Module error, but nothing about a failed attempt aat an internet connection.

I'm thinking that Freecap isn't loading the executeable properly or something along those lines, since I appear to have done more or less everything to stop this error.

P.S. Mass Effect does indeed use SecuRom.

Oh, and thanks for the help. Even if it doesn't work in the end, it's appreciated.

DuBBle said...

You've probably already seen this, but here you can find a list of all of SecuROM's solutions to the problems their software causes:


Does your icon for running Mass Effect in Freecap look like this?


Because that's what mine looks like ;)

We'll get to the bottom of this! Shame I'm not more accomplished with computers - spent all my skill points in force lightning ;)

DuBBle said...

Hm, I think you might be having trouble seeing the image I linked to in the previous comment? Essentially what I was saying is for you to double-check that the Mass Effect exe you're running in FreeCap is the one found in the binaries folder - it should be a metallic silver M with a dark crescent, like the outline of a planet - erm, exactly like the M on the UK box art.

Anonymous said...

Seen the SecuRom thing you linked to and tried those solutions a couple of days ago. Particularly the Daemon Tools help area since that is the only emulation software I've ever had on the computer.
I did try creatin an AnalystLog file, but that didn't work either, unless I didn't leave it running long enough.

As for the "M" in Freecap, it is a silver M with a dark crescent, and I have been using the .exe in the binaries folder.
Also, I've been getting this error when running the Mass Effect Launcher .exe from the same location.

*Shrugs* Well, it is only two weeks left until I go home and away from the proxy server, so if I can't figure this out, it's no huge loss.

DuBBle said...

I could screenshot all of my settings and email them to you if you think that might be helpful?

Anonymous said...

That would be great, thanks.

And dude! I just noticed your at Lancaster University! I'm right here with you, this is perfect!

Go ahead and send them to soniccomunication@yahoo.ac.uk, I get enough spam into that account anyway, so any more I get through people finding this address won't be a problem.

DuBBle said...

email : away!

DuBBle said...

oh, i got an email failure notification - i guess your yahoo (.ac.uk - how did you get one of those?!) account has been shut down.

Anonymous said...

Bugger, posted it wrong!

It's actually:

Not sure why I spelt it like that.

Anyway, sorry for the trouble, and thanks again.

Antz said...
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Antz said...

I'm student too and I used Proxycap and private server to identify my game.

So Proxycap is a shareware, but it's enough to do this thing. You can use it with "your freedom" if you don't have a private server.

Anonymous said...

I've got Mass Effect working! Apparently it was Freecap causing the error, using Proxycap allowed it to work!

Antz, you god-send!

DuBBle said...

Nice one Antz!

I'd considered using Proxy Cap but I thought it was only available for a short free trial?

Fantastic you've got it working, my anonymous chum ;)

Antz said...

You need proxycap only for the first time you launch the game.

Anonymous said...

(please excuse my bad english, I'm not English-speaking). I've got the same problem with FreeCap, but apparently ProxyCap doesn't work on my machine. What settings did you put in it ? I tried the freedom server, and also the adress of my proxy, but nothing of this worked ; I always get the "register" error. So I suppose I didn't configure ProxyCap right.

Anonymous said...

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