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Saturday, July 28, 2007

Bounding Blockhead

Oh, if you hate Okami's Blockheads as much as I do, then check this out. You only have to break the resolve (or, just break) two Blockheads in Okami and the first is a pushover. This link will definitely help you out with the infuriating second obligatory Blockhead on Oni Island.

On a side note, it's odd: I've trawled forums searching for a solution to the Blockhead issue that faces this nation and it seems that there are two distinct groups of people out there - some overcome the obstacle with ease, others find only failure, suffering, and a diminishing sense of self-worth, worsening with each passing moment in Blockhead's stony presence. I'm quite sure this has something to do with mental ability, speciality, lobes and what-not.

If you'd like to know more about this affliction that many morons cope with daily, check out this video - would memorising the location and order of those dotty flashes be difficult for you?


noisound said...

i hate blockhead too lol. i didnt want to believe the dots had to be done in order because i didnt have a problem with them until i tried the 8 spot one. i wasnt going to look online for a guide either. i found your blog while looking for "okami heart" images. my friend was talking about it and i havent gotten to it, lol

Sennyl said...

i hate blockhead grande (the 8 spot one). no matter how hard i try, i just cant defeat him. i even tried recording a video and copying the spot's location. oh and do you know the location of the divine springs, ive found the ryoshima coast and the one in kamui (i think its kamui).

Sennyl said...

Jesus, I actually managed to do this a while ago. I used a piece of sellotaped paper on my TV and quickly wrote 1-8 on it. Took a few tries but I did it.

Anonymous said...

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