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Thursday, June 21, 2007

My Free Time: Engaged

It's now been a week since I emailed The Nobel Foundation to request their reasoning for issuing a warning/cease and desist letter to Impact Games: creators of Peacemaker. There's been no response, so I sent them a second email:

"Seven days ago I sent Jonna Petterson [of Public Relations] an email requesting some information regarding why The Nobel Foundation issued a cease and desist letter to Impact Games - creator of the computer game Peacemaker - which was due to include the Nobel Prize as a reward for the player winning the game. Due to a lack of response, I can only assume that The Nobel Foundation regards computer games as unworthy of respect or consideration for their potential to foster peace. Please prove me wrong by satisfying my request: why was Impact Games' Peacemaker not allowed to feature the Nobel Prize?"
... and I'll keep on sending them emails until I get an answer to my question. Thanks, internet!


Shadow KoBolt said...

and i shall keep emailing ben and jerry's until they bring back oatmeal cookie chunk ice cream. We each have our own noble causes

DuBBle said...

That we do, my friend. We're making the world a better place, putting tyrants to rights. Do you need any help with Ben and Jerry? Your spirit level is high, but high enough to cope with a 2v1 battle?

To be continued...

Anonymous said...

The Nobel Foundation people are all a few generations too old to appreciate gaming. You should have better luck if you revisit your efforts a couple of generations down the line.