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Thursday, June 07, 2007

Maxed Out

The next SimCity game is under development, but Maxis aren't the developers - that's the news on the street, anyway. EA will remain SimCity Societies' publisher, yet they'll risk importing trash by commissioning Tilted Mill Entertainment (Caesar IV, Children of the Nile) as developer.

The predictably ferocious backlash surged forth from internet types and was met with a curious and charismatic response:

"This SC is not a realistic urban simulation, which I understand, to many, represents the heart of what SC is. No one is blind to that. And if you're just completely turned off, even angered by the mere notion of any game called SimCity that is not a detailed, realistic urban simulator, I absolutely understand that viewpoint, and absolutely respect it."
- Chris Beatrice (President, Tilted Mill Entertainment)
Developers often resort to hyperbole as a method to attract attention, so I find Mr. Beatrice' words atypically refreshing. I'm a little concerned, however, that his ability to respect the anger of SimCity fans may result from the nonchalant acceptance of a man who firmly knows his game will sell, albeit to another demographic. SimCity Societies may well be comprised of a lower density of complexity per hectare, perhaps aiming at the elusive 'casual' crowd. One thing's for sure - the neighbourhood just got Tilted.

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