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Monday, June 11, 2007

Empathy with Agency

I've only recently returned from Hereford, where four years of friendship and frags culminated in my Planetside outfit's 6th official real life meet-up, in real life. For (four?) years now I've been quasi-considering my favourite MMO to be on its final tour of duty, yet the truth is that Planetside is still fighting on. Having said this, two thoughts are never far from the minds of Auraxis' deadlocked combatants: 'When is a new MMOFPS going to be released?', and, 'Will it kill our game?'. The community's questions have been met with a return-volley of answers, as IGN reports on SOE Seattle's devastating rebuff to the claim that Sony have come to regard the MMOFPS as a non-profitable venture.

The Agency, Sony's 'inside-job', effectively pinpoints a surgical strike against the MMOFPS community's sceptics. Due to the distant release date and secretive nature of the project, details are sparse, yet we can be sure that the covert character of The Agency beckons a departure from the epic and obvious brutality of Planetside.

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Anonymous said...

Only 4 years playing Planetside? It seems longer. I remember my bedroom wall reverberating with sounds of shooting and laughter.