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Wednesday, May 09, 2007

All I Think of is Blocks

In the first few moments of watching this video (which is of a slightly higher quality and longer length than the video you see above), I thought I'd seen it all before. The gravity gun of Half Life 2 has previously jollified me through the tossing of helpless ragdoll soldiering types, so what's new? Those shiny metal blocks were acting all swirly! The last time I felt so inclined to say 'Ooo' was when I saw exactly the same thing in Prey, a year ago. Ageia were trying to scam us gullible gamers with promises of hardware-enabled treats although such stupendosity would be entirely possible without the need for their crass component.

Luckily I kept watching. How wrong I was! 'He's... He's... He's... He's got those blocks dancing to the beat of his whim, thousands of them'. And then BLAM! The dancers are dispersed, scattered according to laws I have very little knowledge of but OMG I want to get intimidate with those principles.

Principally, I want, nay, need ... My continued existence in life will be determined by the presence of a PhisX card in my PC. Gaming Gods - make it Christmas, or extend my student loan, or pay me for every word I write on this blog. No? Well I'm going to have to deeply consider not eating for a few months. First though, let's collectively drool over this page.

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