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Thursday, March 15, 2007

Doormat Physics

Sony's upcoming Home platform, as you can see in the video below, offers little that cannot easily be found elsewhere, and for a tithe which could topple a king from his throne and simultaneously demand his loyalty to the brand of Playstation. Nonetheless, I think Sony's Home has installed some utterly tempting double-glazing on the facade of their franchise whilst consecutively tarnishing their competitors through an unexpected re-routing of air traffic over Microsoft's coughing corporate offices and Nintendo's now bronchitis-afflicted kingdom.

I think Home is a gimmick, and Sony designed it as such. I also think Home will be a huge success - augmenting a standard console OS with the stylistic tendencies of The Sims, with the capability to meet up with friends and then join them in gaming - that's hardly genius, but it's perfect. Essentially, a successful gimmick garners attention, which is undeniably what Sony should be doing right now in order to survive this generation. Substance must then follow.

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