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Wednesday, March 07, 2007

The Blog Apology/Challenge

The Games Developers Conference has begun. This reliably high-profile event has become a focal point - an opportunity for the games industry's talent to converge, discuss, and polish their top-brass. There's loads of wonderful stuff happening and I'd love to keep you updated with it all, sadly my life is overflowing with bulky wonderless time-traps (such as applying for a Nigerian visa - arg!) - as such I'll recommend you visit some of the links on the far right of this screen - infectious carriers of information, each and every one.

I'll share with you one snippet. In a bold move, Microsoft have issued a challenge to six experienced XNA programmers, setting them the task of creating a game from scratch in a mere four days. It's likely Microsoft have hedged their bets by choosing only the developers they deem most unlikely to embarrass themselves, but such a public display of confidence in their development kit's power has to be applauded. The competition ends on Friday. Best of luck, corporate pawns.

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