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Saturday, February 03, 2007

Decency is Upheld

Call it karma, irony, or social Darwinism in action - Jack Thompson's delusional ego and unmitigated public failures have deservedly landed him in trouble. A disciplinary hearing ought to forebode the finality of Jack's life as a lawyer. A potential outcome would see Jack disbarred - the real-life equivalent of waking in the Jobcentre to find all your items taken away and the door guarded by a burly, gilled man who distracts your hatred for 'Captured' levels with disjointed breathing and sporadic hostile implications: "You're not welcome around these parts, outlander".

I believe thanks for Jack's meeting with justice are owed to the ESA (Entertainment Software Association) - its members able to battle at the political and legal level. Without ESA representation, gamers' losses at the behest of anti-game activists would ensure the perpetual reduction of the games industry to the status of valueless scapegoat.

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