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Wednesday, January 03, 2007

A Rare Occurence?

"Microsoft tells Next-Gen that the co-founders of wholly-owned UK-based studio Rare (Viva Pinata, Perfect Dark Zero) have left the development house to “pursue other opportunities.”
Founders Chris and Tim Stamper officially left Rare at the end of December after 20 years, according to Microsoft...
Microsoft said that the departure of the pair has nothing to do with any perceived disappointment in Rare’s developer performance. "

Although it's sad to see a talented team such as Rare suffer a momentous fracture, it's all too common. Chris and Tim will, I'm sure, go on to continue their innovation of the industry - away from the glare of Microsoft.

On a side note, this month's Edge features a lengthy supplement on Bungie (Marathon, Halo), detailing professional life since acquisition by Microsoft. Tellingly, Bungie staff refer to the deal as a 'merger', perhaps a side-effect of maintaining a sense of individuality when swallowed up by one of the biggest fish in the pond. Edge's pictures of the Bungie offices portray an effective working environment; interviews imply a creative, excited team.

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