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Thursday, January 11, 2007

A Plea to Microsoft

Please, please Microsoft, extend your Games for Windows campaign so to endorse the adoption of new hardware. We know there's very little preventing a curious consumer purchasing a cordless, vibrating, motion-sensing fantasmogadget from the nearest technomarket, but why should they? PC game developers lack motive to include anything but bland keyboard and mouse functionality because so few gamers hold the peripherals to make the extra effort worthwhile, whereas the finite budgets of gamers won't stretch to include an item which - although amazing, in principle - will never be supported by but a scattering of software.

Microsoft - you could be our great lighthouse. Provide the steady institution of guidance, the support for developers fearful of experimentally navigating turbulent waters. In return, grateful gaming townsfolk will break forth, we'll become the strongest soaker upper of the waves, and for you - Microsoft - the bounty.

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