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Monday, January 22, 2007

Outspoken but Uninformed?

Labour MP Keith Vaz continues to view gaming as little more than "an important British industry". Vaz plays a key role in forming British policy on gaming, so one would hope that his opinions on our much loved industry would come about through informed means. Perhaps not:

"Members of Parliament may not play video games themselves, but most will have families and children who enjoying playing, this helps keep them informed of new developments and issues from the video games agenda."
-Keith Vaz
How could one possibly hope to personify the best interests of government and people when you've nether played the games you aim to form policy on, nor intend to understand them? I'm sure Mr. Vaz would suggest informed decision arises from discussion with a cross-section of the British public and significant industry representatives - so why is is that you, Mr Vaz, have neglected both sectors in favour of the pointless, inevitable outcomes of multiple meetings with like-minded MPs?

Mr. Vaz, I impore you - grant our industry the respect we deserve. Don't limit your focus groups and political discussion. To surround yourself with like-minded friends would be senseless, as would the narrow-minded blinkering brought about through holding talks with representatives of ELSPA - gamers have much to say beyond the realm of ratings. The outcome of your mental-process is important to us, Mr Vaz. Do we expect too much in hoping for an audience? And please, play some games. Perhaps Tony will let you game on his PS3 if you order the pizza.

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