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Tuesday, January 09, 2007

Mars Sucks

For aspiring/inspired games developers - this Gamasutra article should make for interesting reading. Paging through the text reveals a tale of three intrepid Intel employees: Omar Rodrigues, Mike MacPherson and Scott Crabtree, detailing their challenge to develop Google Earth into a playable - and enjoyable - gameplay experience.

Google Earth is, by itself, a thoroughly enjoyable result of the so called 'democratisation' process taking place on the web. Unfortunately, its architecture is bulky and rigid, making the task of game development for Earth a difficult one. As a result, the Intel team have made the best of the materials at their disposal, creating a trivia-based UFO hunt, circumnavigating the locales of our temptingly inhabited planet.

I'm happy to announce the team responsible for this project have made their art and code available for all - you can find the resources on page four of the Gamasutra article linked above.

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