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Wednesday, January 24, 2007

Hu Jintao : Wanker

Hu Jintao - General Secretary of the Communist Party of China and author of the Eight Honours and Disgraces - intends to "purify the internet environment", furthering his Party's established policy of believing themselves able to judge what is in the best interest for the people under their authority.

The specifics of purification are murky, but I'd wager they will involve increased surveillance and/or further restriction of the Chinese people's access to areas of the internet deemed 'unsuitable' by the Party. Oppressed peoples can take solace in that their moral representative is not a hypocrite, as Rule One of Hu's code states "regard damaging the motherland as a shame". Luckily for Hu there's no mention of the shame associated with the restriction of civil liberties. Avoiding hypocrisy might be a little harder in following Rule Eight, "regard living in luxury as a shame", but nothing a little media manipulation can't fix.

I was going to write 'Let's hope Chinese gamers remain unaffected', but this can hardly be true even if their games remain untouched by this policy. Freedoms I take for granted are being taken away in such an underhand manner it makes me sick.

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