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Sunday, January 07, 2007

Gears of War: A Revolution?

ShadowBolt, having completed his Jedi training, decides to write for Splines:

I let out a well-earned sigh of relief as my gun was at last returned to its holster – it was over... I usually feel a sense of achievement after completing a game but this time all I had was an urge to play again. Granted this was partly due to the fact that the game was a little too short but mostly as it is just plain fantastic. I had planned to wait until this title came out on PC, owing partly to my hatred of FPS titles on consoles (but mostly because I can't aim worth a damn with a console controller), but this game is not designed for PC and it feels so when you play it. The beauty of the mouse & keyboard combo is that you can move and shoot effectively at the same time, but Gears of War will not reward your skills in this field – it's 'keep your head down if you want to keep it on your shoulders', stray from cover and you'll be ripped apart in seconds. And once the stress of excessive movement is taken away more time can be spent aiming. It's difficult to describe how this system works but I fear that unless a lot of work goes into it the system will not translate well over to the PC where we are too used to the FPS genre – and even if it is changed too considerably to compensate it will not be the game I came to love…

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