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Friday, December 22, 2006

SL Griefer Whallops Below The Belt

Well, it's not often that genitalia features in the news, so let's take advantage of this opportunity to display gratuitous rudeness.

Second Life exists online as a haven for cyber-denizens, encompassing a burgeoning virtual economy (SL's currency, 'Linden Dollars', can be legally converted to real-life cash) driven by user-created content brought into existence through a flexible and innovative development tool. The SL 'game' represents a Sociologist's wet dream; offering an opportunity to observe and partake in an ongoing process of untold ramifications, unravelling as a consequence of large-scale social interaction combined with near total anonymity.

On a side note, ShadowBolt and myself joined SL only yesterday... expect tales of sordid mischief very soon.

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