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Thursday, December 21, 2006

Sioux City: Skint

In a perhaps inevitable move, Nintendo has become the subject of a nationwide class action lawsuit relating to issues with the wrist strap for the Wii remote.

As Gamasutra aptly note, legislation of this sort against Nintendo could be predicted by Jeff Minter's least legally-aware llama.

It's odd. When I spend hours gaming, then re-enter the real world, for a moment I often forget the same rules don't apply. I particularly yearn for the option to 'save', before I commit myself to taking a risk. I find it ironic how our compensation culture mimics this yearning. If a person suffers a quantative loss (Wiimote + Velocity + TV = Loss) there is a modern human phenomenon whereby people expect the universe to return itself to a state of rightful order. As we can't 'save', we sue.

Update: 8.39 AM 21/12/06

Nintendo's official response:
We believe the lawsuit to be completely without merit"

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