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Friday, December 08, 2006

PC & Wii - Meant to be?

Launch day +1. As the already minimal Wii stocks of Europe are depleted, Nintendo promises that all lusting customers will be satisfied before Christmas. However, HMV spokesman Tim Ellis admits his business could have "sold many more times than we've got, to be honest", as many retailers face the trauma of demand in excess of supply.

Perhaps Nintendo have underestimated the popularity of the Wii amongst PC gamers. From my perspective, the Wii aims to deliver a gaming experience which is both absent and genuinely missed by the PC gaming community. Rather like the Nintendo DS, there is a certain youthful flexibility - a willingness to adapt and morph according to player's needs and desires, which is embodied by the Wii.

Contrary to popular belief, even the greatest grumpy sweaty nerdling needs a break from Khelgar-herding once in a while. The PC Gamer Forums are testament to this, possessing a thread in excess of 2000 replies on this very issue.

Even as a socially inept, visually disturbing excuse for a human being, my Wii has secured itself a place in the living room, essentially fermenting into the natural squalor of student life.

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