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Monday, December 25, 2006


As I sit here, happily digesting a generous portion of my Grandma's Christmas lunch, lazy thoughts float about my mind. Synapses thrust glances of past memories to the fore. Somehow, my brain interprets the probing of deep, soggy recesses as though a compressed MPEG archive were activated. I look directly ahead: the gentle glow of an LCD. And yet there is another sight, an acceptable, natural, yet incomprehensible cognitive vision.

Ah! It's last night. I'm tipsy. Words drift off the tongue, take form. Grandpa meets my gaze, speaks.

What's required is simplicity. The technology is here. All's needed is some bright spark to put it all together. The internet is too complicated, too many screens, clicks - I want to sit in my living room, point at the screen and have it all come together. I want some feedback; to know I'm making progress, a sense of worth for time invested.

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