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Monday, November 13, 2006

Art Toad

We're back on familiar territory, reader*. Recent Splines supplements covered the topics of video games as art and government grants for game developers; today I'll be combining both contemporary issues into one byte-sized nibble.

The quote below comes from the mouth of French Minister of Culture, Renaud Donnedieu de Vabres:

"People have looked down on video games for far too long, overlooking their great creativity and cultural value... Video games are not a mere commercial product. They are a form of artistic expression involving creation from script writers, designers and directors."

To place this statement into context, Monsieur Vabres, (and, with him, a portion of the French government) hopes to offer French cinema-style subsidies to help encourage game developers to operate out of France.

Whether this policy will come into existence or not is yet to be seen; a similar lack of observation causes me to ponder upon the potential extent of governmental interference in the creation of French computer games. Will subsidized developers be essentially constrained within the pockets of ministers, or will they have freedom to roam the receptacle, to create within confines?

You can find a Game Politics article on the French decision here, and an interesting, recent, IRC debate on the potential for games to exist as art here.

*Thanks for coming back Colin.

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