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Tuesday, October 17, 2006

A War Poem

This poem may accompany the lively and joyful tune 'Please Mister Postman'

Im a Company of Heroes soldier, look and see (oh yeah)
'Infantry Under Attack' - that's Sarge and me (you're too slow)
I've been demoralised, such a long time
I've gone and stepped on an anti-personnel mine

My limbs are gibbed; my gibs out on a limb
A wave of shrapnel keeps my torso trim
I kept to cover, but you ordered me forward
Your poor decision merges entrails with mud

As a tactician, your one of the worst
More spritely reactions have been seen at the rear of a herse
My comrades lie slain, my Sarge without squad
I curse your name, you incompetent sod.

Written and composed by the (late) Sir William Williamsworth VV of Williamshire, Middlesex.

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