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Wednesday, October 04, 2006

This Month in Games : October

The leaves, once fallen, quickly turn to mush. Last month's barrage of pyrotechnic wonders have had a similar liquidising effect on my brain, reducing me to a shell shocked shadow of a gamer. So perhaps it's for the best that this month's explosive offerings are a little thin on the ground, allowing our mind fields to grow healthy and mentally fortified once more.

The global superpower of this month's games is Defcon, from Introversion Software. "Everybody Dies" seems to sum up Introversion's chosen topic of intercontinental nuclear war quite nicely. The scoring system is simple : 1 point lost for every 1 million of your civilians killed, 2 points gained for every 1 million enemy civilians eradicated. Defcon follows the established Introversion trend for visually simple, yet charmingly functional gaming; presented in a style similar to that of the 80's cult classic Wargames. The game plays out over the course of six (optionally time-compressed) hours in which the war escalates as the 'Defcon Levels' decrease, with nuclear missile launces seen only at Defcon 1. The time scale of this game should make it a direct hit with office workers, allowing for a game to be played over the network and minimised quickly on command. You can purchase a downloadable copy for ten pound, or pay an extra five pound to attain a boxed copy; available at the Introversion website linked above.

As for other games, well... uhh... Call of Juarez looks nice. Play as both a dual-pistol-wielding, evil priest and a sneaky, stealthy chap and do all this in a wild west world... wonderfully. I'd imagine you can buy it at Play.com, but investing in Defcon and playing Just Cause and Company of Heroes seems like a much better idea to me.

If we are lucky ShadowBolt might write something about the console scene this month. Otherwise, this has been a bit of a poor feature eh?

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