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Sunday, October 01, 2006

That's what Wii get

In a recent interview with Nintendo, Iwata Asks about the design of the new Wii console. Nintendo have a theory that gaming should be the centre of living room entertainment for the family. To meet this goal, the Wii will be designed to cater to the demands of parents, concerned about the number of hours their children may spend entertained in the centre of the living room. The Japanese gaming rig will feature an ability to monitor and log the hours spent playing, enabling curious parties to keep tabs on a suspected gaming addict.

A study of 500 children, conducted by the UK Television show Tonight with Trevor McDonald, found that 14% of British kids spend 10 hours or more per day with their number crunching friend. Is this addiction? If the figure is to believed, I'd say 10 hours of gaming per day would rapidly cause me to feel unhealthy.

Good parenting begins with a sturdy parental knowledge of their child's life. If this can be aided by a gaming machine, I'm all for it.

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