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Friday, October 13, 2006

The C is for Comrade

"The Entertainment Consumers Association (ECA) is a [...] non-profit membership organization established to serve the needs of those who play computer and video games. Formed in 2006, the ECA is an advocacy organization for consumers of interactive entertainment."

The ECA aims to speak for the little gaming guys at the big boy's table. Ever the skeptic, I remain doubtful because today I'm trying something different. A quick poke around the ECA's website (linked above) reveals that the organisation hopes to voice 'the gaming community's' opinion(s) by getting us to sign up as members at their website and join local ECA chapters for LAN parties and geeky discussion. I think it's a great idea... rather like Communism, I doubt it will ever come to life as intended.

Still, I'll be signing up as a member and I'll keep you informed should the red-pimpled army begin to march.

[Edit : The ECA requires your credit card information to become a member. I'm not willing to part with my details unless the ECA can offer a substantial benefit to gamers, which I believe they cannot at this time.]

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