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Sunday, September 10, 2006

I Am Your Father (So get off the PC)

Children : Centre of their own known universe. I've had the pleasure of two young cousins keeping me company this weekend, and I was more than happy to reward their curiosity about my gaming rig with an introduction to Lucas Arts' Lego Star Wars.

I was amazed, particularly by the young lad, Sam, how quickly kids can grasp the concepts (jumping, shooting, protecting, collecting) and the techniques required to control a virtual avatar. Within seconds Sam was one with the Force, climbing all over Tatooine as though it were a computerised extension of the playground. Sam's younger sister, Ellen, was keen to ensure her fair share of turns within the galaxy of child's play. Ellen would petition cousin DuBBle to have Sam extracted from the keyboard's embrace, and without a grown up on-site there was a clear and present danger that battles for junior Jedi supremacy may erupt.

It's great to see kids enjoying modern games in the same way we found ourselves charmed by the pixellated pleasures of a past era. In a time not too far, far away, both parents and children will have grown up alongside gaming. It is only by increased awareness that the myths and fears surrounding video games will be dispelled. I think a disturbance in human-cyborg relations is well overdue.

On a more or less related note, developer Traveller's Tales hopes to produce a Lego Batman game. TT holds the rights to Lego games until 2012, so expect to see plenty more of those blocky rascals before that date.

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Anonymous said...

Sam & Ellen think Dubble is the coolest. Particularly becuase Daddy won't let them play Lego Star Wars on his laptop (Yah, Boo, Sucks!)

They're even more frustrated, 'cos the Indy ran a review in this Saturday's DVD reviews.