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Monday, September 25, 2006

Fun... Just 'coz.

Storyline is not important in games. Games which possess the greatest longevity are games that don't tie the player down with restrictions. Humans play games to escape from life's demands, not to be accosted by a giant calculator. At the dawn of gaming, Pacman, Gauntlet and Joust, under the constraints of exceedingly limited memory and processing power, provided gamers with memorable experiences worthy of the title they have earned themselves - 'Classic'.

Today our community finds it hard to exalt in praise any game which doesn't attempt to bring - for example - conspiracy-laden, philosophical, multiple-conversation pathed, dynamic, revolutionary, emotionally charged, voice acted by that guy that plays Jean Luc Picard on Star Trek... well I forget where I was going with this, but our community would appear to feel cheap or dirty in hailing a game for being simply fun, demanding nothing less than Patrick Stewart.

And so I'm happy to have spent the weekend playing Just Cause with my friend Colin. JC (simply a coincidence that the abbreviation for Just Cause emulates our messiah?) grants its player the freedom to explore and cause mischief with total disregard for fun-wrecking constraints. Unlimited dual-pistol ammo, infinite parachutes, the ability to breathe underwater and a healthy chunk of bullet-absorbing flesh all grace the secret agent avatar of JC. Avalanche Studios have performed a modern day miracle in their developmental quest for fun over fuss.

I'm certain that I'll be playing JC for weeks... or at least until Friday when my pre-ordered copy of Company of Heroes arrives. And as for liberating, freedom granting, FUN games of the future... its only a short while until Will Wright's Spore is released.

You can purchase Just Cause on all platforms from Play right here, and this website has set itself a mission of keeping the Spore release date up-to-date (current ETA for Spore is March '07). I'm excited already!

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