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Friday, September 22, 2006

Ex Box

The above video is a demonstration of what happens when your XBox 360 decides to give up on life. 360 apathy remains a worryingly frequent occurrence to owners, and now, Microsoft. Whereby the death of a good friend used to be remedied only through a costly repair, the philanthropist owned company now offer a free return and repair service for all affected customers, including a refund for anyone who had to shell out for fixing the console themselves.

Is this the next step of the 'dispatch then patch' trend seen in PC Gaming since the beginning of time? I hope not. When any product, software or hardware, is released unfinished and requiring a fix; I cry a little, and then spray Lynx Africa into the atmosphere to punish this cruel and unforgiving world.

You can find Microsoft's tips to fix the red ring of light here. Their final tip is "If the Customer Support agent cannot help you resolve this issue, return the console to Microsoft for repair".


theBoyLakin said...

Mr Dubble you have exceptionally good grammar. You also abide by the rule: no sentance shall be longer than 25 words, or missunderstood shall be.

You are however guilty of confusing your reader; "posted by DuBBle at 1:47 PM", "1:18 PM"... oh wait a sec. Okay I appologise for not paying enough attention to the date, located at the top (camoflaged by the small discrete font). I was planning on complaining about you not scribing the date-until I figured it out. It's 50% possible I'm under the influence of alcohol.

When I see you next, I will introduce you to the great game of doom. It would not suprise me if you had played it. But have you analysed its influence upon the gaming industry and millions of young men in their early 20's. If you chanted the words "iddqd" to one of those influenced, would they laugh... or attempt to commit suicide just to boast of their perceived immortality.

The graphics in games has exploded, and the 16 colours considered adequate with windows 3.1 in 1996 has become a ridicule against the mirage of colours now possible on a VDU.

One thing that has'nt changed is the imagination of game developers and the attractive addictive plot devised by game writers. Doom was a masterpiece-the world overthrown by hell, with more evil monsters than could exist in the nightmares of a thousand children.

Do the lightnight fast graphics of [insert name of crapy modern game] emasculate the brilliant dreamy conspiracy theroys of metal gear solid?

Long live the history of games. Down with this modern jingo.

DuBBle said...

you used some words i dont understand.. ill list them at the end of this comment

are u bringing doom with u? ive played it, but never really 'got' it, if you know what i mean. in return ill introduce u to my most recent aquisition - 'just cause'.

i believe gaming has only improved over the years. many of the games i have fond memories for turn out to be a bit naff upon replaying them. although true classics (xcom.. ahh) never die. and ill take 32Bit true colour, full antialising, high resolution, wide screen TFT fancy graphics over a limited palette of restricted awe any day of the week, including sundays.

the words were:

good grammar