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Wednesday, September 13, 2006

Avast Leyland Yee

Gamasutra has got together three of the industry's most clog wearing clever sorts and asked them about the current state of the PC game business. Their answers lead to a clear consensus; PC Gaming has become a substantial niche within the games industry, at the fore in terms of innovation, development and distribution options but neglected by consumers opening their pockets to the accessibility of the consoles.

I won't attempt to summarise the article because the three dudes keep their comments concise and interesting, so it's well worth a read. Instead I'd like to focus in on the analysts' views on the MMO market and its importance in negating the effects of piracy.

I hadn't previously realised the reason for the massive uptake of MMO gaming in Asia was due to the saturation of the Eastern gaming market with piracy, leading to commercial demand for a product that could generate revenue during its time installed on a machine rather than prior to installation. The natural solution to this demand is the now well established tradition of MMO payments through subscription and (in Asia) micro-transactions. Because of this mechanic, piracy is removed as an option for players as the game itself can be provided for no charge and all other payments are made on the server using a registered user's bank details.

This system has rewarded developers for their lack of faith in gamers to pay for their games, and shown that players are willing to open their wallets when they have no other choice. Of course, I am making a sweeping generalisation. There will always be gamers who find themselves morally obliged to purchase any and every game they play, and others who will avoid playing any game they can't obtain for free. Most of us gamers probably fall somewhere in the middle, and because of this it is the middling majority that developers hope to sway by implementing innovative payment mechanics.

Thankyou for your time; And remember, Archlord is not innovative, Archlord sucks.

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