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Monday, August 07, 2006

Welcome to the Future

We should be seeing holographic disks capable of storing 800GB within two years, and 1.6TB disks by the end of the decade, claims Ars Technica, a website for PC enthusiasts. The disks will most likely be beyond the price of the consumer retail market, but expect to see disks "the size of a postage stamp", far cheaper and able to hold between 75 and 100GB.
I'm not certain the implications holographic disks will have upon games will be as striking as that of the evolution from floppy disk to CD; granting developers what - at the time - seemed like an infinitely huge volume of storage space able to store entire game worlds within a shiny magic frisbee. Ironically, when CDs first entered the main stream it was often the case that developers would use the extra space to cram in hours of FMV sequence, not adding to the gameplay experience. It is important that we learn a lesson from the 'Interactive Movie' and do not repeat our mistakes. I'd like to see an influx of developers' commentaries, 'making of' documentaries and the like. I haven't been lucky enough to play through Half Life : Episode One a second time with the commentary turned on yet, but from what I've heared this is an excellent new enhancement to an already fantastic game.

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