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Wednesday, August 23, 2006

Rant 001

I think ShadowBolt and I are suffering from some sort of madness. When we last talked about politics, a few weeks ago, I asked ShadowBolt who he would vote for in the general election. He replied "I vote Liberal Democrat... or Conservative - depending on how I feel at the time".

Now for those of you unfamiliar with British politics, the Liberal Democrats have never won a majority in parliament and are generally regarded as the '3rd Party', after Labour and the Conservatives. Traditional Liberal Democrat policies are the furtherance of environmentally-friendly industrial processes, the liberalisation of laws on 'victimless' crime such as the sale of drugs, prostitution and the like, and the abolition of such draconian schemes as compulsary identification cards for all Brits. Traditional Conservative policies no longer apply to today's Conservative party. If we are to believe the words from David Cameron's mouth, Conservative policy is to reverse any unpopular decision Labour have made and is generally in line with Liberal Democrat policy.

Cheers very much for your illuminating insight into British politics, now, what does this have to do with games? Oh so the voice inside my blog is back. I hate you, you know that? I'll get on topic when I feel like it. Meanwhile, I hope you choke on your own effluent.

Labour's approval ratings (and therefore their chances for success in the next general election) are falling, to the benefit of Conservatives and the Liberal Democrats. I believe this change in public opinion is because the British people have seen the lack of effectiveness in Labour policy. They see that a strict, centralised, overly regulated system fails to solve society's problems.

Back onto blog topic, ShadowBolt and I are mad. Or, more accurately, Shadowbolt is mad. If you read this blog you'll know what we want in regards to the governmental treatment of video games. 'Respect' sums up our view quite nicely. Well, that's how we want our government to treat the rest of the world too.. its people, and its environment.

In video game terms, censoring video games based on an extreme opinion either within government or outside, within our population, is darn right silly. If a government wants its people to behave a certain way, let them treat us - the people - with respect, let us know the facts, to have inclusive public debate. Don't tell us your doing something then just do it. Frankly, that sucks.

"It is the height of illogic to continuously pursue the abolition of minor
inconveniences when there is no such thing as bad press, no matter how 'explicit' it may be... Sex, violence, profanity and all the other things that can only hurt us if we let them, will continue to be censored."

- Blake Miller

And why is ShadowBolt madder than me? He still believes David Cameron, the Conservative, could possibly offer the British people an escape from the decadence of Labour.

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Shadow_Bolt said...

You assume that I base my voting choice on some kind of deep political analysis when infact I google image the party names and vote for who has the most off topic picture. Thank god we live in a world of democracy.