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Thursday, August 24, 2006

Ragdoll Infants

Peter Moleneux, head honcho at Lionhead (Black and White, Fable) and in his earlier days having worked for Bullfrog (Theme Park, Dungeon Keeper, Populous), recently gave a speech at the Leipzig Games Developer Conference. Moleneux's speculative focus lay upon the evolutionary path that combat mechanics in gaming are likely to follow. You can find a full report on Moleneux's address somewhere around here.
Although Moleneux professes the importance of context-sensitive, single button combat, as a thoroughbred PC Gamer I crave the complexities of being presented with a multitude of options. Simplification is simply not my cup of tea. I yearn for tactile combat, a combination of ragdoll physics and accurate physiological entity creation, resulting in some seriously physical battles. I've seen this demonstrated by the new middleware software being employed by the next generation of Lucas Arts games (Indianna Jones and umm.. something Star Wars no doubt) and I lash out at small children in excitement.
More my Cup of Tea ^^

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