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Friday, August 25, 2006

Peeved Online

Slashdot reports on a 700 Billion ISK theft perpetrated by a single player of EVE Online. The 700 Billion ISK would convert into 119,000 dollars if sold on eBay at current market prices. Interestingly there are no legal protections against theft of virtual currency, and so the scammer 'Cally' has earned themselves quite a tidy sum, enough to puchase beans lots of beans, lots of beans lots of beans.

The exact details of the scam remain hazy, so I'll try to piece together the facts as best I can.
  • An account is created under the username 'Cally' in early 2006.
  • Cally begins to promote the Eve Investment Bank (EIB) .
  • The EIB offers ISK returns in reward for investment.
  • In actual fact, the EIB shares much in common with pyramid schemes.
  • The 'bank' operates for several months.
  • When good faith is lost, Cally shuts down the bank - keeping all the assets.
  • Cally then publishes a movie (a long, boring, low quality movie) to confess his guilt.
  • Cally places a 1 Billion ISK bounty on his own head, and cruises around the EVE galaxy.

I'm pretty sure this is the largest and quite possibly the most elaborate virtual theft ever recorded. I reckon the guy is a tosser, but he has certainly earned that status.

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