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Monday, August 21, 2006

Not Like Lemmings

There's no game like my game
It's contained within my brain
Have you played Lemmings?
It's not the same.

Indulge me please, if you will
A world of freezing ice, named Chill.
Two vast armies.
Blood to spill.

And as the whitened ground grows red
A diminuitive rodent pokes out it's head
With keen bright eyes it avoids battle's stead
A twitching nose amplifies the scent of the dead.

The ground trembles
As do tiny lemming knees.
"Squeek Squeek Sqeeeeek"
"*Some help over here, please?!*"

As luck would have it
Our furry hero's saved!
A friendly cliff
A mangled grave.
- One of the lesser known works of the poet laureate Adolf Geigerschmeinergemeinschafte.

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