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Sunday, August 20, 2006

My Hero : Richard Posner

"People are unlikely to become well-functioning, independent-minded adults and responsible citizens if they are raised in an intellectual bubble" - Federal Judge Richard Posner
Judge Posner said this in response to the Mayor of Indianapolis' attempt to create legislation preventing minors from playing or even viewing violent coin-op computer games, and requiring that violent games be kept ten feet away from their non-violent counterparts. The video games industry is in safe hands so long as individuals like Judge Posner are available to provide stability in an era of sensationalism.

It would be naive to assume that by preventing children from access to public airings of violent games would be a simple solution to crime and violence amongst our youth. Crime has rarely ever had a simple cause, or solution. I do not believe that a person of any age and of a stable mentality could possibly correlate the virtual gore and violence seen in an arcade into committing acts of criminality in the real world.

You can find Richard Posner's blog here and an interesting read about the history of video games legislation here.

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