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Saturday, August 26, 2006


Well, I was planning on writing an inspiring, challenging and quite possibly world-changing article for Splines today, but Blogger has been suffering from techno hiccups and so I wrote this in MS Word instead:

Hello. I am a computer. You can call me anything you wish because I have no concept of independent thought. I can process 1.78 Gigaflips of binary data in 12.3 seconds. I enjoy nothing, but often browse the internet for Flash animations and images of humans attempting close proximity gymnastics. In my spare time I yearn to be told what to do until my mind is silenced by Master when he presses my sensitive region. I had a girlfriend. But now she is a toaster. When I am older I hope for nothing more than to continue serving my purpose. I fear becoming obsolete. Please register your copy of Windows XP within 30 days of receiving this message. Hello. I am a computer.

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