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Monday, August 14, 2006

Extend your Blob

The year is 1988, you are a pixel warrior fighting the low resolution armies of the commodore. Your reflexes are second to none. Within one frame of animation your extended blob is able to fire small, brightly coloured smudges at the enemy. Your mission... save the princess, defeat the evil, liberate the world.
Obvious exits are East, West and To The Future.
You have chosen To The Future.

The year is 2006, you are a colonial marine fighting the evil empire of the Thraxx. Your bump mapping is second to none. There are nine amazing weapons to choose from. You are able to engage in combat as one of two steriotypes : Allen: The heavy weapons, melee combat and brutal decapitation specialist or Fiona: With the ability to not quite dissapear but sort of shimmer so as to confuse enemies momentarily. She also has a sniper rifle. Your mission... save the princess, defeat the Thraxx, liberate the world.

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