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Thursday, August 17, 2006

Deus Ex : Problem Solved

I solved my speedy conspiracy issue with Deus Ex. For any of you experiencing similar ultra fast problems with the game, here's two ways to fix it:

If you have a dual core processor:
Start Deus Ex as normal
Press Ctrl+Alt+Delete to exit to Windows and open the Task Manager
Right Click the Deus Ex task
Click 'Set Affinity' - which should be at the bottom of the menu
De-Select one of the CPU cores. I de-selected CPU 1 and kept CPU 0 running.

If you don't have dual core, but still have problems:
Look in My Computer for your Deus Ex folder
Find the System Folder within Deus Ex
Open the DeusEx.ini document
Edit the line Gamespeed =1.000000 to read Gamespeed=0.600000

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