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Tuesday, August 08, 2006

Deus! Ex Infernum Machina >=(

I was hoping to do another Masters of the Past feature on Deus Ex, so I bought a new Sold Out copy the other day. Unfortunately the game doesn't get on very well with my system. I think the issue may be caused by my processor, an Athlon 64 3800+ Dual Core. The issue itself has caused much chuckles, followed by anger. Upon startup the game either runs in Max Payne slow-mo until closed down (this includes the menu screen and all cutscenes) and then when re-started the game will do the opposite.. I'm looking at the Deus Ex spinny electric shiny logo thing within milliseconds.. for all I'm concerned the game begins like so:

CEO : "Aha so we meet again"
Funky Face Bloke : "Plague?"
CEO : "Look into my eyes"
Funky Face Bloke : "Intelligence indicates they are behind the problems in Paris"
CEO : "We are the future"
Funky Face Bloke : "I'm glad I'm not looking into your eyes any more. And now.. the pier!"

On the pier

Alex (over radio) : JC - Find your brother, Paul
Paul : Hi JC, I'm your brother, Paul. I like your face. Take the kick ass crossbow JC.
JC : No, I want the sniper rifle.
Paul : Your going to take the crossbow.
JC : But I don't want to.
Paul : Well that teaches you for buying a budget copy of a game several years after its release.

Some or all of this post may or may not be fictional. I might require someone's assistance in helping me to get Deus Ex running properly on my system. I might not.

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