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Saturday, July 29, 2006

The Ship

My eyes open. I'm in my cabin, I know what must be done. I open my cupboard, chest of drawers, suitcase.. I take my book and reading glasses but what I'm looking for is not there. The round starts. I'm in a panic, I'm paranoid that someone is trying to kill me - and I'm totally correct, someone really is trying to kill me - you see, I'm playing The Ship developed by Outerlight and now available via Steam and I need a weapon. I have a name in my pocket, my 'quarry', the objective of my voyage is to kill this individual using any weapon I can get my hands upon. The door to my quarters swings open, the melodies of a past era fill my ears as the blade of a large red axe fills my head. I drop to the ground. A petite, well dressed female passenger stands above my corpse a moment, takes my wallet, then leaves.

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